In Memoriam: Frances Wolfe

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Frances Wolfe laughs with her daughter Bridget during a reading in March 2017 (Peter Hedlund).

Frances Wolfe — a mother and a baby sister, a voracious reader of short stories and a somewhat pestering patron of the downtown library, a lover of poetry and Willie Nelson, a gardener, a back-deck-sitter, a birdwatcher, a fierce and only reluctantly unarmed enemy of black squirrels, a churchgoer, a caregiver, an unapologetic snoop where the neighbors were concerned, a former Republican, a former Catholic, a former wife, a former smoker, a former teacher, a feminist and a liberal, a knowledgeable and at times overenthusiastic fan of Hawkeye basketball, a cardplayer, a southpaw, a virtuoso storyteller, and a memorable scoffer at so many things she deemed “just a bunch of nonsense,” including but not limited to her son’s cats, Korean food, left turns, and the I-74 bridge — died at her home in Davenport, Iowa, on March 24, 2020. Oh, and the Internet. She hated the Internet. …


Brendan Wolfe

Author of Finding Bix (2017), Mr. Jefferson’s Telescope (2017), and Wolfe’s History (2019). Iowan in Virginia.

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